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Nabhi therapy oil Pack of 2

Nabhi therapy oil Pack of 2

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Product Name - Nabhi therapy oil Pack of 1

 Package Contain - Pack of 2

 Material - Liquid

 Weight - 30

 L-B-H - 8*5*10

The perfect fomulation of oils for your navel therapy. Nabhi chiktsa with the right oils is indian traditional method that gives healthy glowing skin & hair and good health.

benefits: few drops of sarvatva oil in your belly button and gentle circular massage  everyday helps in hair growth, clear, supple skin. helps in digestion and brings peace & calmness to mind

ingredients: pure cold pressed oils of sesame, neem, coconut, almond, castor and cow's ghee

usage: put 1-2 drops of sarvatva in your belly button area directly from the dropper and massage gently for 1 minutes. Use after bath or before bed. do not use immediately after food. Use a small ball of cotton or small cotton cloth on the belly button after the masage to prevent staining of clothes.

ensure to keep your belly button area clean before starting this routine. clean with with warm water & gently remove the dirt if there are any. do not put pressure or pointed sharp stuff in the belly button to clean. belly button - navel is very sensitive area & is the centre of our body. so, ensure to keep it clean & pamper with sarvatva - the nabhi oil regularly for so many benefits other than good hair & skin

store it in cool & dry place.

Test patch mandatory before regular use.

Suits all ages

best before 1y. check mfd

qty - 30 ml

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